Clay County Commercial Real Estate Info

Clay County Florida is a wonderful place to set up your business. With many Jacksonville suburbs and a growing population, you’ll want to take advantage of all Clay County has to offer. Livability, affordability, growing population numbers, strong skilled workforce and a robust economy make Clay County the perfect choice if you are looking to invest in commercial real estate, move your business, or start a new venture.

About Clay County

Clay County is comprised of about 600 miles of area and is located Southwest of Jacksonville and West of St. Augustine. Since the 1970s the county has experienced tremendous growth, from just under 33,000 people in 1970 to over 219,000 as of 2019. The county is not only one of the fastest growing in the state of Florida, but in the country. Even during the recession years, Clay County’s population growth was unimpeded due to all of the opportunities and diversity of the area. It’s projected the population of Clay County will surpass 300,000 residents in the next 25 years.

The County is a short drive to the ocean, however many residents enjoy the numerous outdoor recreation areas that the county has to offer. Clay County has a nice mix of rural, suburban and city options for any type of business. TO meet growing population demands, the county and FDOT is developing new road projects, namely the First Coast Expressway, which will better connect Clay County to its neighboring counties. 

Clay County Commercial Real Estate Facts

Why is Clay County the perfect place to invest in commercial real estate? The stats beyond the strong demographic numbers are even more encouraging. While many Florida counties have aging populations, Clay County boasts a very spread out age demographic. 54% of the county’s residents are between the ages of 18-44, according to 2017 numbers. The median age for Clay County is 38.9 years. This means a larger workforce and more desired commercial buying power.

Clay County is also a great choice because it is one of the richest counties in the state of Florida. Clay County has a median household income of over $61,000, second only to St. John’s County (our next door neighbors). The expected median household income in Clay County is estimated to be as high as $68,000 by 2022.

Clay County Is one of the most Business Friendly Counties

Clay County is one of the most business friendly counties in the nation. As recently as 2019 over 75% of Clay County’s residents commuted outside Clay to work. The county is working on changing those numbers, to keep the population within the county boundaries. 4,500 businesses call Clay County home, with more relocating every day. Clay County boasts a wide-range of businesses in every sector, from manufacturing to tech, healthcare, life sciences and more. Businesses in Clay County enjoy an average labor savings of 28% over the other counties in our region. Over Clay County’s healthcare facilities are some of the most modern in the Jacksonville metro. 

Clay County has a number of incentives to draw businesses to our area. Large and small companies are starting to notice. As an example, in 2019 AT&T moved 150 jobs in a call center from Syracuse, NY to Clay County. 

From grants to affordable real estate, new land zoned for development, and savings on costs like utilities, Clay County is poised to become the envy of the nation in terms of economic growth, even as the pandemic winds down.

Covid’s Impact on Clay County Commercial Real Estate

Like Jacksonville, Clay County has been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, there is reason for optimism. New developments, like Baptist Hospital’s $200 million new campus (scheduled to open in 2022) have helped stabilize the commercial real estate industry in our county. Chemours just broke ground on a brand new $93 million mining facility that will add up to 75 new jobs upon completion in late 2022. 

Population growth continues, with Baptist’s expansion just one of the many job creators expected to come in the next few years. Even more people moved to Florida during the pandemic, as more remote working allows people to expand their quality of life search. Even remote workers will help add to the economic expansion of Clay County, as more businesses continue to be created to meet the demands of all of our new residents. New housing, retail (in addition to the above-mentioned healthcare and infrastructure) are expected as the county continues to grow.

Clay County: It’s not a secret anymore

More people are becoming aware of all that Clay County can do for them. If you are considering a commercial investment into the county don’t delay. Commercial properties are going fast. Browse our Clay County commercial real estate listings and let us know how we can help you make the right investment.