St. Johns County Commercial Real Estate Info

St. Johns County is considered a suburb of Jacksonville, however this growing area is something special for investors all on its own. The population has more than doubled in St. John’s County since 2000 and the growth has lead to a lot of excellent commercial real estate investing opportunities.

One reason why St. Johns County is the perfect place to invest in commercial real estate? It is one of the most business-friendly counties in Northern Florida.

St. Johns County Commercial Real Estate Stats

The growth mentioned above is expected to continue for St. Johns County. 2018 estimates put the county’s population around 255,000 people, up over 34% from 2010, when the population jumped 55% compared to 10 years prior to that.

While St. Johns is thought of as tourism-based with St. Augustine at the forefront, these population shifts have opened up many opportunities for commercial real estate. St. Augustine has been listed as the best city to live in in the state of Florida, making it a permanent destination for thousands every year. Growth in not only retail, but rapid expansion of other commercial zoning in the western part of the state has created a whole new world for the county, and for investors.

St Johns County has the lowest tax structure of any county in Northeast Florida. The county’s government has been very active working to attract new business to the county, and the low tax rates are a big draw. A recent study by found that St Johns County is the best for business in Florida, and the 7th best county for business in the entire country.

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