Invest in Commercial Land

Why You Should Invest in Land

Investing in commercial real estate can be intimidating for new investors. Land is sometimes the most confusing investment opportunity. While land investments are misunderstood, the potential is enormous. One of the most common myths about land, that it doesn’t generate income, is totally false.

For hands off investors, land is one of the smartest choices you can make. Unlike apartments, homes, office buildings or retail, you don’t have to deal with the numerous issues that building and tenants can bring. That’s why land is the perfect investment for busy professionals.

You don’t have to worry as much with land, and you can save yourself hours of watching the DIY Network. There’s no renovations to make, don’t have to worry about tenants changing, bugs, or building codes. With commercial land, all you need to know is what the land is zoned for, and how to sell to the right buyer.

Buildings change. They can be demolished, rebuilt, left vacant. Land is unchanging. It is a finite resource. There’s only so much land available. In larger markets like Jacksonville, it’s a limited commodity. As new technology (like 5G) rolls out, as neighborhoods expand, the demand for land goes up. Make sure you invest in commercial land in areas that are growing. Up and coming areas like Clay County are the best places to invest in commercial land.

Land can be more affordable, but not always. Either way you’ll have less headaches. There’s less competition for land and many investors avoid banks and mortgage companies all together. In some markets tax on land can be very low.

Commercial land plots have the most extended longevity, along with warehouses, available. That makes commercial land one of the most secure long-term investments. You don’t have to rush an investment in commercial land. You can develop immediately, or when you are ready. That allows you to explore all possibilities and make sure you have the right fit when it comes time to build. Because land is a hands-off investment, you also won’t deal with attachments that may come from a home or building.

Landmark Commercial Realty Group is the only independent broker in Clay County. We know the area and understand the expansion that our home is undergoing. We have a number of land investments that might be the right fit for your needs. Whether investing or developing, land is a smart investment. Especially in Clay County.

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